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Re: Olympus E-M1 or …

Mjankor wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

- If you are on the market for a new camera,

- and you are not yet “married” to a particular lens system,

- and you are considering Olympus E-M1,

That is not possible. There simply is not reason for this to happen, whatsoever. I mean it.

what other camera would you buy if Olympus did not come up with the E-M1? In other words, what cameras does E-M1 compete with?

EM1 is not competing against any other non-m43 camera. People who are not atteched to EM1 has zero reason to consider it. The only people would consider EM1 are those who already own m43 system and considering upgrade body. EM1 is competing against GH3 and EM5.

What, you mean like the E-M5, GH3, etc are not supposed to compete with DSLRs?

I can see why you are confused. no need to apologize. I did not mean that.

Just because EM1 cannot compete against DSLR but only against E-M5, GH3, does not mean E-M5, GH3 are also incapable of competing against DSLR.

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