Goodbye to XZ-1

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Re: Goodbye to XZ-1

joe6pack wrote:

While RX100 is a very capable and a smaller camera, it still cannot compete with the XZ-1 for its bokeh effect. RX100 also lacks an ND filter. This is the main reason that I decided against getting RX100, at least for its current price.

Granted, RX100 is not a bokeh superstar. Keep in mind it has a sensor twice as large as the XZ-1 so at the wide end, the bokeh is much better. For portraits at mid tele lengths with bright light, I would recommend a DSLR with a portrait lens above both the XZ-1 and RX100 anyway. Not that the RX100 is horrible, btw.

In two years of shooting with the XZ-1 and other compacts, I've maybe used the ND filter once.
I am assuming there is a good reason they didn't put that feature into the RX100. Maybe it is a little used feature and maybe it degrades image quality, I don't know for sure but, I don't miss it. In any case, the images are so darn good from the RX100, it's minor foibles are irrelevant.

If you have the means, try one out.

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