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Re: Well, it depends on what attracts you to the E-M1

It is the size and weight. It is a hard sell to some, but not to others. Now I think people who shell out this kind of momneuy for a cam are also interested in a good set of lenses. It is not necessary, but more likely to happen than on a 500 dollar DSRL where people buy a 18-250 mm lens that sits on it the rest of its life.

First of all. The E-M1 with the 12-35 mm and 35-100 mm Panny lens weighs less than the D600 with that 24-85 mm lens. It is 1160 gram versus 1335 gram. That are tow of the heaviest m43 lenses (bar the 100-300 m versions) out there. If you exchange the 12-35 for the somewhat hevaier 12-40, you are still 100 gram below the D600 with just one lens that is not a stellar performer it seems (just looked up some reviews).

So to me, again, the size and weight are not a hard sell for those who value those things. I for opne, hike a lot. And 2 Kg of glass in my back is whole lot of different than 5 Kg. With this m43 system I can have my EPL5 with me at my work all the time. Just put the cam+ 20 mm in one pocket and the 45 mm in another for instance. I do not notice them in my (coat) pocket at all. And it are not large pockets at all.

To me, that is the beauty of this system. To others not. And for those who for instance wants shallowers depth of field, better IQ and do not mind the size all too much: go for the D600 or D800E or whatever. Of course! But if you do mind, I think the E-M1 as a fantastic proposition.

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