Should I switch from Pro1 to M1?

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Donald Chin
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Re: Should I switch from Pro1 to M1?

ggsphoto wrote:

Ok - let me give you the background....before I bought the pro1 I had bought the x10. I liked this but the quality was good but not exceptional. Its hung around on my shelf for a year and I'm currently selling it on ebay, and have actually bought an M1 now and am waiting for it to arrive.

Ok - so - the M1 is really a replacement of the x10 I have - i.e. light and the same pro1 sensor, fantastic, I can put it in my pocket and it can come everywhere with me. But then I got to thinking, its the same sensor as my pro1, so are the features I like on the pro1 good engouh to justify keeping it. I could sell it for around £550 on ebay and that can go to my future fund.

My no1 priority is IQ - so for me the pro1 pretty much equals the M1...yes, I love my pro1 and I'm hoping I'll love the M1. If I had one single criticism of the pro1 is I cannot get it in my trouser pocket !

X-E1 is not an option because its still too big, and micro 4/3 isn't really an option now I have the lenses I want for the X range...I think the IQ on the x-trans is better than the 4/3rds...

So I just wanted to get a feel for what others though about the M1 in case I do something rash and sell the pro1 without using the M1 enough !

I play around the the M1 with its kit lens, the camera is too small for my taste, feel bad in hands and the rear LCD is sub par, its IQ might be same as Pro1 but my question is why I've to take such a huge compromise when the saving in money and weight is so small.

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