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Re: Canon 7D

Chris R-UK wrote:

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

As a M4/3 user, I asked a similar question on Micro 4/3 forum, and some replies were, quite understandably, just a little bit biased

So I would like to rephrase the question a bit:

- If you are on the market for a new camera,

- and you are not yet “married” to a particular lens system,

- and you are considering Olympus E-M1, what other camera would you buy if Olympus did not come up with the E-M1? In other words, what cameras does E-M1 compete with?

Thank you!

I have both a Canon 7D and a Panasonic GH2. I use the 7D primarily for wildlife.

This opinion is based on my personal requirements.

If the PDAF continuous focusing works as well as earlier indications suggest the E-M1 is a direct competitor to my Canon 7D:

  • 16MP v 18MP resolution
  • 6.5 fps v 8 fps
  • Better high ISO noise
  • Similar dynamic range
  • Similar handling
  • Different viewfinders - EVFs and OVFs both have pros and cons
  • Much better video (can hand hold and AF during clips)
  • E-M1 + 100-300mm is half the size and weight of 7D + 100-400mm

The big one for me is the last one and I will probably be trading in my 7D for the E-M1 once the price has come down to sensible levels and I have seen how the next generation of Panasonics compares.

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Chris R

I agree partially. First of all, even though the C_AF is now much much better it is on E5 level. They clearly note that it is okey, but not great. I think 7D is still better here.

Otoh: the dynamic range of these two cams is not similar. The E-M5 is already 2/3 of a stop better. That is usefull as I can compare to my GH2 and it is really realy better. Now GH2 and 7D are comparable. If E-M1 has a sensor that is not only capable of PDAF on chip, but also better in the IQ department the difference will likely grow.

I think you can already assess how the next generation compares in the IQ depaertment: it is rather similar. But we have to wonder: if that is the latest Panny chiop, are they again going the Sony route for their faux DSLR styled cam? Otherwise, on chip PDAF might be more than just one generation away. Also: I have seen that NX300 and Sony NEX6 PDAF is not nearly as good as E-M1 or Nikon1. So to me, it remains to be seen how well Panny will implement it.

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