Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: I disagree with you here ..

Sergey_Green wrote:

TrapperJohn wrote:

I hear it has interesting AF characteristics.

Plus an in camera shutter/sensor oiling system. That's a feature no one else has.

And then, there's the N1 system... Nikon announcing to the world that because it didn't sell, mirrorless must be a dead end. And then the EM1 came out to rave reviews and massive pre-orders.

Just because Nikon and Canon can't make a decent CSC, doesn't mean it can't be done. Or that it won't draw the interest of a lot of people.

As funny as you try to make it sound, it is not really so. OM-D has not been making money for Olympus for some time now, and so because they made the camera does not mean they are standing on a solid foot in this business today. They still need to sell enough of them to cover the costs. And hey, how do you like this (average in EU),

Olympus OM-D E-M1 (EVIL) Gehäuse schwarz (V207010BE000) ab €1499,--

Nikon D600 (SLR) Gehäuse (VBA340AE) ab €1449,99

In all seriousness, which one do you think looks more attractive to most potential shooters?

Glass houses and stones...

I hope this doesn't become a habit, but once again I have to agree with you Sergey.

If I was starting out buying into my first digital interchangeable lens system, knowing that the E-5 was the last Oly DSLR,  it would be a pick between D600 and 6D. The prices are right, the FF sensors are good.

Mirrorless would not be on my radar at all.
Given the bad press on the D600 oil and the fact that all my OM Zuiko system would work on the Canon via a single adapter I'm pretty sure I'd be buying a Canon 6D


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