Been away for a while, now I remember why.

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Why can't everyone just be as easy going and calm as me?

I'm going to have to start bashing some heads in here unless people learn to calm down and get along.

But, in all seriousness, people here are a little on the weird side. I've literally seen this exact same thread on this forum dozens of time. First, someone starts a thread explaining why he doesn't use this forum anymore because of this or that (usually having something to do with all the antagonism/complaining, somehow not seeing the irony in his thread).

Then there's the eventual responses explaining to the OP that he's being just as antagonistic and "complainy" as the people he's complaining about.

Then in a week, we'll have the exact same thread by some other guy who feels the need to explain why he "doesn't use" the forum.

Keep up the good work. I need a good laugh periodically.

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