Lumix 1, FZ250 0.

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Re: Reason for FZ250

PC Wheeler wrote:

BTW -- I can think of no improvement in the FZ200 which would motivate me to upgrade short of a 25-1200 mm f/2.8 lens with articulated LCD, 1.4 mp EVF, etc.

There are plenty of things on my pie-in-the-sky wishlist, but in terms of the current generation of technology I've always felt that calls for an FZ200 upgrade this year were premature. Maybe they could extend the zoom out to 30x at 2.8, but the camera would have to be bigger. And sure, we could see an incremental sensor improvement, but that's all it would be: incremental. I've got some fantastic looking 11x14" prints here and I doubt I'd even notice a mere incremental improvement even at that size.

WiFi features would be nice, but the truth is that they'd probably just be a short-lived novelty for me like they were on the LF1. I freaked out a few relatives by remote controlling the camera with my smartphone, and got a kick out of transferring a few images to my PC over my home wireless network, but now I just wish I could remove the wireless features from the UI entirely because they just clutter it up. To each his own I guess.

Bring out an FZ200 update once there's room to really update it, I say, and not before.

EDIT: Oh, and the truth is that it just might not ever happen anyway. Most consumers are idiots and too few of them probably realize just how useful such a fast lens really is. I mean even among those who should be more knowledgeable we've seen a ridiculous inferiority complex emerge as a result of IQ comparisons at base ISO with other superzooms with much slower lenses, so aside from some possibly valid points about how Panasonic could improve their marketing, maybe a camera like the FZ200 is just never gonna sell as well as those it's competing against.

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