FZ200 / LX7 scene mode "Through glass"

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Erik Ohlson
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"Through glass" WITH CARE!

PC Wheeler wrote:

As a *guess* it's focusing on infinity or some shorter range, to avoid focusing on the glass itself.

Apparently a bad guess -- because manual says "The camera may focus on the glass if it is dirty or has dust on it."

Shoot a picture in that mode and see what the EXIF info says re camera settings.

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I would agree, I'd "guess" it's focusing on infinity & so should just be lumped in with Landscape mode.

None of the EXIF programs I have show what "mode" was used - particularly annoying when you have shot some "HDR" or "Night Shot" pictures & would like to be sure which they are.

In most cases, it's easy enough to simply hold the lens closer to the glass than the closest Macro distance - but, with care: taking pictures as my plane maneuvered over the Channel Islands while approaching Los Angeles airport, turbulence whacked my ZS19 lens into the window and the lens has refused to come out since: "Zoom Error"

So, I had to buy a new camera 

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