Bare Bulb Genesis (calumet) GF400/GF200, GODOX witstro AD180/AD360, CHEETAH CL180/CL360

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Bare Bulb Genesis (calumet) GF400/GF200, GODOX witstro AD180/AD360, CHEETAH CL180/CL360

Sorry about the long title. I wanted to make this thread easy for others to find also.

This bare bulb flash system is sold under the above brands and models.

(Bare Bulb Genesis (calumet) GF400/GF200, GODOX witstro AD180/AD360, CHEETAH CL180/CL360)

I just purchased one from Calumet GF400 (400 WS) unit.

I also purchased the battery pack, three additional batteries, 16 channel remote and 2 connection to one cable which speeds up the recycle times.

My initial impression is very good. The unit seems very solid and well built. I tested the unit and with the 2 to one cable. At full power 1/1 recycle time was about 3.5 seconds at half power or less, it was instantaneous. This flash is powerful. I tested my sb-900 at full power with my light meter and got f9 and with the same distance the GF400 was getting f20.

This may be a great solution for people that want a lot of power for bounce flash and want it in a fairly light setup. The battery pack can also be used with nikon, canon or metz flash heads and you can run the bare bulb at the same time on one port and a regular flash on the second port. The pack allows about 450 shots at full power using the bare bulb or something close to 1800 shots using a speedlight on one battery charge. So at half power using the bare bulb flash you are looking at 900 shots. A spare battery was only $80 that is why I picked up three.

I am interested to hear what others have found using these units and I will update people should any issues come up or any new findings.

Happy Shooting

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