anyone else deeply disturbed by this example from Sony?

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Re: anyone else deeply disturbed by this example from Sony?

bigwigthebig wrote:

I was on Sony's website today and saw this example of the types of things that the RX100 can do with it's beauty effects and think that the alien appearance of the picture on the right may haunt my dreams for quite some time.  This is the best that they can do?  I'm going to buy this camera just so that I can make everyone's irises twice the normal size.

Oooohhh....that is NASTY!

It also makes me wonder why they couldn't put something USEFUL into the camera firmware, instead....

.... say, like a DoF calculator that was dynamically linked to focus and aperture...

... that also had a 'Hyperfocal' function which could actively refocus the lens for ultimate DoF as aperture was changed in realtime.

These are functions I think all cameras should have had, by now... !!!

Talking about useless features... I now have two cameras that can remember my DOG's birthday. And no... I am NOT kidding. I wouldn't care. I haven't even GOT a dog!

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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