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Started Sep 11, 2013 | Photos thread
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Lou, Re: White Rose, with Dill

LouHolland wrote:

Well seen Zin, it really has something similar with a soft-ice cream. However the dill plant got more character if it was in color, don't you think? Now it is marginal present without any meaning other than what is told to us by you. Also I am convinced cropping away a bit from the left side will ad to this image which have fantastic textures in the highlight parts.


Thank you for your comments, Lou.  Yes, the dill could be more interesting.  However, this was at seed stage, and the dill parts in the picture were only brown / light brown.  Another difficulty with that would be that the background is green with brown fenceposts and gray welded-wire mesh.  I wouldn't be able to have color in the dill without a background color I didn't want, so monochrome seemed the best choice available.

After seeing more of this for a few days, I agree that the crop you suggest would be better.


Zindanfel wrote:

With Sigma 17-70 lens.

Work around the homestead recently hasn't afforded much shooting time, so here's one from a few weeks ago, a white rose (non-climbing) which grew high enough for me to snap this picture from our second-floor deck -- around 12 feet (3.6m). A volunteer dill plant matched it for height, which surprised me greatly; when I plant dill seed it's not nearly so successful.

I dithered over where to crop the left side, and whether to do some cleanup clone work in the lower corners, then decided not to bother.

Does the image remind you of soft-serve ice cream?

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