Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Nicely written post...

vyokyong wrote:

Originally Posted by Ian The sample images in my hands-on review include several shot/shot action sequences using C-AF with several lenses.

Basically the focusing in most conditions is at least as good as an E-5 and sometimes better. The E-5 is not a very high benchmark, which may indicate the less than excited dpreview response. Olympus are confident that the E-M1 can match a Nikon D7100 according to their own field test comparisons.

S-AF is generally faster than an E-5; the E-M1 seems to work the lens harder. However the E-M1 will give up before an E-5 as it gets darker.

One important note is that the E-5's 11 AF points are all cross-type but none of the E-M1's 37 points are cross-type. This means you may occasionally find problems focusing if the dominant detail is uniformally horizontal, in which case you will need to rotate the camera in order for AF to work.


Nikon D4 Price USD 5,599 V.S. OMD EM1 Price USD 1,399 (Body Only).

Is it fair to compare PDAF of USD 5,599 camera vs USD 1,399 camera?

We should think in term of well enough for USD 1,399 camera budget. Or comparing PDAF performance with any brands in same price range.

However all Olympus users know well that Olympus's AF is not strong points compared to Nikon and Canon. But they still love Olympus of lenses, IBIS, camera body shield, OOC jpeg engine etc.

We are in the world of trade off, not perfection.

The last sentence pretty well says it all. Thank you for the post.

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