Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: "Please sir ... is the answer 5 ?"

eaa wrote:

"The way see it is this: if you're a Four Thirds lens owner and hoping for contemporary DSLR performance, you're going to be disappointed"

So that's about the E-5 then?
Who would have guessed...

Well most people seem to have missed it.

If you're still talking about the E-5 (talking about smoke), I guess you're right.
But the optimal D4 or 1DX PDAF systems that DPR is comparing with, I don't think Canicon puts that into their lower tier DSLRs.

Can you show me where DPR are comparing the E5 performance to D4 or 1DX cameras in the EM1 review? I didn't see it. They just said 'contemporary'.

But for front- and back-focus issues OTOH, I'd wager the E-M1 beats them hands down

Well that's an interesting one. Personally, I'd think that I would actually take that wager (albeit for something small like a pint) if we were comparing like for like DOF. The extended DOF of 4/3 hides a multitude of sins and the mostly fast apertures used by FF users suffering focus issues makes things more obvious.

PDAFOS is intrinsically precise, as focus is determined at the imaging sensor itself, as opposed to an external PDAF sensor, that is prone to misalignment w/ the imaging sensors plane of focus.

I will have to ponder this, however I don't believe you're correct in it being 'intrinsically precise'.

Sure, you've removed the problem of a potential offset due to inaccuracies in the external PDAF sensor, but that's what adjustment is for, and then the rest of the system (and the lenses) are the same.

I'm not one of these evangelists that thinks CDAF is infallible. My take is that the AF with some lenses would be unacceptably slow if they were to go for maximum accuracy, so the algorithms have to do a certain amount of extrapolation and guessing to ensure an AF confirmation in an acceptable time. I don't believe they always get it right.

Well, CDAF is lightning fast, almost instant, w/ the new MSC motors in the m4/3 lenses designed for CDAF. Supported by PDAF they will also gain speed during CAF. I guess the only thing holding the native 4/3 lenses back now (when mounted on a m4/3 body), are their focusing motors themselves, along with physical inertia due to bigger elements w/ bigger moves, combined with (sadly) weaker battery configurations to drive them.

That's why I said 'some lenses'

I myself am very happy with the performance (and general accuracy) of the native MFT lenses.

Not so with the older lenses. neither in speed or accuracy.

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