olympus seems to really listen to its customers

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Re: olympus seems to really listen to its customers

Well...Panasonic's got the RF-style m4/3s camera and the EP-5 and E-M1 have addressed the focus peaking.  As to firmware enhancements, Oly just doesnt' seem to want to do that.  It would be a great way to add value and respect the consumer's investment.  I agree with you on that one.

I think, over time, people will start to look at m4/3s as a combination of Oly and  Pany, not one or the other.   They clearly have different priorities, video being the primary difference.  But look at the range of fully compatible lenses between the two companies.  And don't forget, the E-M1 just added the 4/3s lenses to that list.

I know...they've been there all along with the MMF adapters, but at a cost in performance.  I watched the YouTube video of the focus speed of a 50-200 SWF on an E-M1 and it's quick.  Is it BIF-quick?  Don't know...someone will have to try it...but the former compromise in auto focus performance has diminished dramatically.

All of which brings me back to your skepticism about Oly listening to its customers.  I think the're well past the 90th percentile in terms of meeting customers' expectations.  The folks who wanted an E-7 with an OVF will not be satisfied, so they will have some choices to make.  But for just about everyone else, it's now a decision about what to get, as opposed to deciding what to do without.

That's great progress.  And...if Oly's not giving you what you're looking for, you can go to a Pany body and still use your current glass.  It's Pany AND Oly....

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