EM1 vs EM5 on Camera Size Comparison website.

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Re: EM1 vs EM5 on Camera Size Comparison website.

David 247 wrote:

As I suspected, the EM1 falls right in between the two. Since I have handled the EM5 and the GH3 it gives me a reference point. The EM5, even with horizontal grip was a just a bit too small for my comfort and hands. The GH3 was just a little big. So if all goes well, the EM1 should be just about right. From appearances, ergonomics also look just about right for the EM1, but I won't be able to tell until I get a chance to actually handle one.

A better visual comparison can be seen on Ming Thein's review. He's lined up the EM-5 with the horizontal grip next to the EM-1. They're almost exactly the same height. The EM-1 is a smidgen wider. He also shows both with the vertical grip. Again, they're very similar in size except the EM-1 is a little wider. I ALWAYS have my horizontal grip on the EM-5. It's just too small and difficult to hold without it. I expect the gripless EM-1 will feel very similar in size and weight to that configuration.

The EM-1 seems to be getting lots of kudos for ergonomics, which wasnt the case for the EM-5.

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