Shame on You, DPReview

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Shame on You, DPReview

What dpreview did was shameful. In their Preview of the E-M1 they caused some real damage to the reputation of the camera regarding its AF capabilities with regard to 43 lenses vs. the E-5. And they were WRONG. So they put a half-hearted update inside the early review, but they did NOT post a retraction (or apology) right up front in the News section. And why not? Because they knew they blew it and did not want to advertise it - embarrassing for them for not doing their homework properly. Very shoddy. We expect more from them.

How in the world can they make assessments regarding the AF of the E-M1 (with 43 lenses), in comparison with the E-5, based on the reviewer's hazy “memory” of the E-5 performance? Is this some kind of a joke?  Many of us reading this got very concerned, unaware that this assessment was not based on actual comparisons with the E-5. That is shameful. I expect such nonsense from a crappy blog site, not from DPReview.

Too bad there isn't a stricter penalty for DPReview for misrepresenting a great and innovative camera such as the E-M1.

The other reviews on the internet were spot on, and very consistent regarding AF. So, the AF with the E-M1 and 43 lenses is basically comparable to the E-5. And that is music to the ears of those of us with an investment in 43 lenses (really great glass, by the way).

DPReview, you owe Olympus an apology.  (And your mistaken action can impact sales of the camera.) BTW, would you like to borrow my E-5 (since you don't have one) and some of my 43 lenses and do the review properly?

And, yes,  I am definitely going to purchase the E-M1.


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