Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: Ummm. No.

Beach Bum wrote:

esco wrote:

Pentax, Sony, Olympus id say they're all pretty similar in AF performance. Its easy to think of Olympus as only being sub-par but the af-modules and lens motors on the above brands aren't too hot either!
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I'm afraid you're misinformed. Without hesitation, I'll tell you that if Panasonic or Olympus were to enter the full frame (with mirror box) market, they'd have products that are competitive with Canon and Nikon within two years. In fact, their bodies would likely beat CaNikon on a number of fronts, most notably video and CDAF.

The reason they don't do this is because their products would never sell. CaNikon have such a large selection of lenses and installed user base that they would never be able to get their foot in the door, even with better products.

Canon and Nikon have quite a few and notable deficiencies in their products that would be obvious to anyone who's ever really tested cameras. The most notable of which is their POOR CDAF autofocus. I challenge you to pick up a Canon or Nikon P&S camera and compare it to a Panasonic P&S for autofocus. The difference will be striking and immediately obvious. Panasonic does CDAF better than any other manufacturer BTW, but some manufacturers are getting close.

The only type of AF that CaNikon excel at is PDAF. Canon seems to have been able to pull it off with their 70D in live view mode (with on sensor PDAF), but, with the rest of their cameras, the only way to get decent focus out of them is to use a camera with a mirror box and dedicated PDAF sensor. forgot the 100D and 700D as well so I think it's safe to say that most future models will have it and it will improve, as will their CDAF implementations.

This is why I've said before that m4/3 is going to have better all around autofocus in a couple years than anything Nikon and Canon can do. Look how long they've had to get CDAF right, and they still can't do it. This tells me that when Panny and Oly start working with on sensor PDAF, they'll leap frog Canon and Nikon, all while incorporating the outstanding CDAF that already comes standard with all current m4/3 cameras.

Bank on it.

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