D7100 - Some of my friends at Mud Lake, Ottawa (Nikon 300/F4)

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Re: D7100 - Some of my friends at Mud Lake, Ottawa (Nikon 300/F4)

Regarding quality of images, a few things I try to always do are these:

- I always shoot in RAW.

- I always try to shoot in indirect sunlight (slightly cloudy skies or in the shade), direct sun only when shooting BIFs or when it cannot be avoided. This makes a huge difference to the final quality.

- I'm obsessed about keeping the ISO down as close to 100-200 as possible. There is a noticeable drop in image quality from ISO 200-400, and a much greater one from ISO 400-800.

Always good to compare notes.  I follow a lot of your rules but find myself usually around iso 400. (any chance I get though and I'll dial it down to 200)  Mind you, I shoot quite a bit with the 1.4 TC on. Maybe I'll take it off and do some test shooting of my own.



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