Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

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Re: Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

Zenjitsuman wrote:

If the lens is soft at f1.4 then its not useful at that setting. The Sigma is sharp at that setting

and the Nikon is too. The thickness of the adapter is minor the Nikon 35mm is a small lens, and

If you read Rockwell's review its on his camera just about all the time, I know lots of people

don't like Rockwell but I have observed he makes a lot of sense when talking about what works

in the field and not. Also, he knows his gear and since he uses lots of gear in the field he tells

you if its practical and good value for the money. I question if old Pen lenses would be what I would

get from decades ago. Old OM lenses were better, but old Canon FDn lenses, Leica lenses, and Contax lenses and Nikon AIS lenses were better. But they have old coating formulations, didn't always have ED/LD glass and ASPH lenses like todays lenses do. Also, you must accept internal

dirt, and fungus as issues to deal with.

You forgot Minolta and Zeiss in your list of lens manufacturers...

And it is clear you are not familiar with the Pen-F lenses. Do a little research on DPReview or on internet, this will enlighten you.

The Pen-F family of lenses is quite small, but all of their lenses are excellent. As for internal dust and fungus, there are ways to avoid them at sales time.


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