Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

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Re: Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

Zenjitsuman wrote:

I question if old Pen lenses would be what I would

get from decades ago.

If the OP had said, "I want to buy a lens. What lens should I buy?", I would not have responded and would happily leave you to instruct him from your fountain of wisdom.  He asked about a specific lens, somewhat uncommon, which I happen to own.  I do not wish to persuade you to overcome these "questions" you have, merely to help answer the OPs question about this particular lens.

Old OM lenses were better, but old Canon FDn lenses, Leica lenses, and Contax lenses and Nikon AIS lenses were better. But they have old coating formulations, didn't always have ED/LD glass and ASPH lenses like todays lenses do.

As someone who has tested a lot of lenses, I find these generalizations to have very little basis in fact.

Also, you must accept internal

dirt, and fungus as issues to deal with.

These issues appear randomly in lenses, mostly dependent on storage conditions, and one must be alert to their possibility even with new lenses.  My copy happens to be perfect, but presumably the OP knows to look out for such risks.

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