Will there be a EOS M Successor?

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Re: Maybe not...

Photato wrote:

From serious rumors, Sony is coming with a Full Frame NEX system in October.

Canon could abort EOS-M and instead, make it Full Frame.

Thinking long term, once the AF speed of mirrorless cameras match the SLR speed, and we are almost there, The EF SLRs will become "obsolete". (mirrorless has the optical edge, besides size, cost and reliability)

But Canon could come instead with a tweener, that is larger than APS-C but much cheaper to make than FF, that would be, APS-H and could become their only mirrorless mount.

Not having to run two mirrorless mounts in parallel would make sense.

Lets see what happens...

Just guessing, but I think we will eventually have both APS-C and full frame mirrorless from Canon on the store shelves at the same time.

As you said, long term will probably bring us to full frame mirrorless but it'll no doubt have to be a lot bigger than the current EOS M if it is to accept full frame Canon lenses natively that can handle a sensor the size of a full frame. At that point, accepting EF lenses natively would make the most sense.

That would no doubt be a different product line from the EOS M, which is already building its ecosystem around the APS-C format and the EF-M category of lenses.

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