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29 Ford Woody Workflow

If you think about it Lou, when you look at glass and you are looking at something with thickness approaching the edge, the glass edge will often look darker than the middle portion due to the way the bending at the edge affects the transmission of light. From that perspective, what happens at the border between the trees and sky is not surprising, but it is not very attractive either. Didn't play with this after this process so I am not sure if anything can be done to subdue that effect, but it is likely possible.

With regard to the workflow I used on the monotone image it is as follows below.

1. The image was imported into LR 4.4 and converted to monochrome by selecting black and white and then the crop, exposure, tone curve adjustments, were done followed by adjusting the colour sliders which reduced some of the highlights and reflections considerably (blues primarily). Then flipped the image and applied a graduated filter to the bottom right (before flipping) and flipped it back. Exported the image as the best possible quality jpg.

2. The exported image was opened in Corel PSPX5 Ultimate for cloning. Except for very small area clones I have stopped using LR for that purpose as PSP does a much better job. (Although I have purchased Capture One, I really haven't used it much yet so this workflow could change.) Here I started with the easier stuff, people, hat, white cloth or ? on the table in the background. That much is about where I was when I posted the version in the monochrome thread.

3. Removal of the other cars (including the part visible through the windshield) was then started. The car removal took about 1.5 h. This was all done using PSP's clone brush. For the parts closest to the Woody I used 3:1 or 2:1 magnified view (two or three times 1:1) and a very small brush which was guided by hand using the mouse along the edges of the woody. At times it was necessary to decrease the size or modify the shape. Small sections in one pass so they could be undone and redone if necessary since moving the mouse along the edge is not all that easy for me to do. (Have considered buying a Watcom pad for this purpose.) With the PSP clone tool, the clone area moves with the targeted area which works very well indeed as it transfers an entire area to a new location and overlapping without changing the clone area location provides integrity of the section to be transferred. You need to choose appropriate areas as always to transfer. You also need to watch both where you are moving the mouse and where the clone area moves at the same time. Once I was away from the surface of the Woody, it was much faster as the size of the clone area could be increased a lot. The area in the windshield of the Woody and around the hood ornament were the most difficult. The windshield area because there was a very limited amount of area to choose from for suitable clone material. The final result was then saved again at the largest possible best quality jpg available.  There may be easier ways to do this, but if so I have not yet learned them!

4. The brown toned image was done from the saved image above by using a split tone process in PSP and the fun image was done using a 'chrome' conversion in PSP, but both required significant adjustment of parameters to get the look shown.

5. Stupid thing I did!!! Did all of this in mono so if I want to do the colour image I would have to start again. On the other hand, I did some clone work on another image in the past followed by some other modifications and got a really bad result so I now do the cloning after the other work which has its own issues and problems.


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