Hardware or Windows problem.

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Hardware or Windows problem.

I'm running Windows 7 64bit
Two hard drives
1. First drive is a SSD drive that runs all windows and programs
2. Second drive is the original hard disk that came with the computer. I wiped it clean and just store 500 Gig of photos and some ancillary files in a My Doc file.

For a long time this setup worked great, but for some reason the second drive has been acting up.

I'm getting a slow green-bar when windows try's to populate the thumbnails for my NEF and Tiff photos which reside on the second drive. The CODEC was installed for the Nikon NEF files and isn't the source of my problem. My problem is/are the TIFF files displaying properly, the computer will hang on these thumbnails.

If I try to load image files into Capture NX2, VIEWNX2, or Photoshop Elements (running on my SSD Drive) from the 2nd drive, my computer will hang . . . 60% of the time.

If I open my second drive in Windows explorer, it will populate roughly 80% with thumbnails and then stop. Its as though a buffer is being filled to capacity? I then wind up having to shut the computer down because Windows doesn't shut down properly.

If I try to copy a 1 gig of photos from the hard disk to my SSD drive it will copy the first 20 quickly and then stall out.

If I try to copy 1 gig of photos from the SSD drive to my external backup system, through a USB2 cable. . .  no problems.

If I disconnect the second drive none of these problems exist. I've done the windows error check and nothing has been reported. The disk is also not making any noises which leads me to ask if this could be a Windows problem?

Any ideas cause I'm confused . . .

As an further thought.  I was running out of space on the 500 Gig hard disk when all of these problems started.  I had roughly 40 GIG of space left.  I thought if I removed 100 off the drive that it would help and it did. . .  slightly.  This makes me wonder if there is a swap file setting or something that I'm missing??????

Thanks for any insight you might have.

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