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Re: Mr.Eisenhower/MIC/Elysium/Reality?

57even wrote:

Werderano wrote:

Well done, you won the Cold War. In the meantime you accepted 2 week vacations and awful employment laws, and got the rest of us off the hook. I have NO idea what it costs all of you individually, but I do think it's time you all started demanding a little more in return....

Can't say it was the WRONG choice, but the ripples will last for a while.

Capitalism (not democracy) beat Communism, and Democracy is next. Whatever suits capitalism will win. Welcome to the 21st century.

I didn´t chose my place of birth, did you or people in africa? „I“ have „won“ the Cold war, if you like to say so, because i was on the streets demonstrating with my parents and many more in east europe and Gorbatschow decided not to send his troops. It doesn´t seem so important for you, but i can tell you that we didn´t know what will happen. And another price we paid some years before the wall came down was the brother of my father, who didn´t sourvivied the system. So do you think i earn the right to care about my own freedom and the freedom of other humans? Or should i send you some money in return of this right?

I don´t feel guilty, sharing information is one thing we must do and i don´t know how long this will be possible.

I didn´t find any film review(Elysium) that said something about the Carlyle Group (United Defense/BAH) and their direct influence, so did you knew all this before?

And for me a splitted society controlled from corporations with the support from the media including the sourveillance state(world) Snowden is showing us, is not the future i´m dreaming of and this system caused too many dead humans around the world in the past including soldiers from the US, France, UK, Canada,…. The majority in the „leading“ country with such a system is also not doing well since a long time.

If you like to close your eyes do so, but that will chance nothing.

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