Been away for a while, now I remember why.

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Hennie de Ruyter
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Re: Been away for a while, now I remember why.

Kendunn wrote:

Gawd people if I wanted to hear this much moaning and complaining I would just go ask my wife how her day went.

I do that in the evenng over a nice cup of tea. She also enquire on my day and we talk awhile about the kids, work, the house, an upcoming holiday, etc. It is called 'still happily married after 21 years'.

There are a lot to learn on these forums. Some people here have a very deep understanding of the science side of things with even the odd bit of maths thrown in. I very much enjoy that, even if I dont always understand it all.

Granted, there is also the odd argument which can be rather entertaining. I would rather miss it if it was heavily moderated. A lot can be said for and against the mirror box in a DSLR. It biggest advantage must be the entertainment value provided here in it's name

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