SLR+ long lens v Bridge camera

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Re: SLR+ long lens v Bridge camera

Verulanium wrote:


I looked at the pics and they are very good.

I did a few comparisons myself with my A65 + 100-300, 500mm mirror and my WX300.

My simplistic conclusions are:

The WX300 is a very good camera for the size and price. The IQ does not match the 100-300 but is not bad. surprisingly at 500mm the size is roughly the same as the A65+300. The digital zoom degrades the image too much to be very usable.

The 500mm mirror lens is somewhat in-between (though bigger). So a better bridge camera like the one you suggested may be a good compromise between IQ and price/convenience.

I am going to have a good look at the second hand lens market and see if any bargains are out there, if not I may revert to the bridge camera option, I have a feeling I would be more likely to have it with me anyway.


That is a good point. One thing I do like about the a55/a65 is the relatively small size that is competitive with other 4/3rds and smaller APS-C cameras, but as soon as you add a telephoto, such as the 300mm, that goes out the window.

It is amazing how far bridge cameras have come recently. Just check out the little things such as battery life. Bridge cameras may need a few spares handy/

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