Sorry Nikon, i won't buy either!

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Re: in depth discussion of autofocus shortcomming

Hello, i wouln t base a decision on a picture like this. I had the D200 then the D300, now i have the D700, although it has a narrower coverage then the D300 i noticed this only for a few days, then my technique adjusted and i don t feel any difference or limitation with it. Also as wide as the coverage is you usually only get 3 vertical sensors on the two extremes and those aren t the "best" ones, certantly not of cross over type. Still i believe the performance of the AF as a whole is better then in the D200. In short, test the D600 if you can, if you haven t already. It will certantly mean a change of technique, maybe even a change of style (how you frame) in your photography, but that isn t always bad, i think.


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