FZ150 takes FIRST & SECOND spot in same DPR CHALLENGE

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FZ150 takes FIRST & SECOND spot in same DPR CHALLENGE

with OOC Jpegs merely cropped and resized. And with no lens attachments in place at the time of shooting.

Although I’m naturally chuffed with those results, I Just thought I’d bring this to the forum. Not because I wish to boast or garner praise and complements for my images, but more because I again want to encourage more Panasonic compact and bridge camera users to enter DPR challenges.

If you genuinely believe as I do – that the likes of FZ models really can produce excellent results even when up against DSLRs, and not only when displayed at the screen sizes seen here – there’s no shame in entering your small sensor efforts along with those shot with infinitely more expensive equipment. I’ve said many times on this forum that if users can work around the few small sensor limitations, Panasonic FZ models produce the goods in exceptionally reliable fashion. In all honesty I never feel in any way under-gunned because I refuse to use a DSLR. Give me a FZ150 over cumbersome and much heavier gear any day the week.

And if you’re unsure of entering your photos because you feel that the DPR challenge voting system in is any way fixed, that’s certainly not my experience of the process. If it helps, this is my second challenge win, and just as with the first, I did not tell a soul that I had entered either one and entrants cannot vote for their own images. So, whilst I cannot say for certain at this stage that some entrants never attempt to garner votes from friends and other sources, in my limited experience of these things, chances are that your image will gain a top ten spot or may even win a challenge outright through its own merits.

Then of course, there’s the fun element to entering, where winning or being placed highly amongst the rankings is completely secondary to the overall enjoyment of mere participation. One’s reward then comes from not having taken things too seriously, and if you adopt the mindset of entering challenges just to see what happens and to learn from your experiences, you have nothing whatsoever to lose… not even your pride. Just pick the image/s you feel is most appropriate to the theme of the challenge and off you go.

Plus, with DPR being such a busy site where the thousands of challenge entries are viewed by millions of folks every month, there’s arguably no better way to show users of other models that Panasonic cameras not only rock but also represent great value for money even when set against any other manufacturer’s photographic wares.

So go on folks, get entering those challenges; you might just enjoy the whole process and have heaps of fun to boot. Oh, and you just might win too!

Happy snapping and kind regards always

Stevie Boy


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