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Re: What is wrong with this picture - Leica X Vario

mjack101 wrote:

Clearly not then as you don't even know that "paid" includes being paid in the form of goods and services as well as cash.

Also your reference to section 9 was to the wrong act, it is in fact the Fair Trading Act 1986.

See, I am not a lawyer, does that answer your question?

If you look on Leica's website under technical details they say the following:

Lens: Leica Vario-Elmar 18-46 mm f/3.5-6.4 ASPH. (corresponds to 28-70 mm in 35 mm format),
9 lenses in 8 groups, 2 aspherical lenses.

This wouldn't mislead anyone and you are talking nonsense about Leica being in breach of this act.

You are not much of a lawyer either then

There is no such general expectation that anyone who is buying a product must go onto the internet and look for any disclaimer the manufacture may have, therefore having correct product description on the internet is no defense to misleading markings on the camera itself.

If it did, it would be absurd because plenty of people do not have internet with them everywhere they go.

If you really believe what you say then take them court yourself and see how much time and money you waste.

That is a stupid argument, I already said at the very start of the thread - "It will be interesting to see if someone will take Leica to court." I clearly did not mean myself.

Why are you so worked up about it anyway? Do you own a Vario X?

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