Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: Its official. Oly AF sucks!

This is kind of the thing - I certainly could not leave either D3 in C-AF, they would endlessly miss-focus.
The comparison is D3 / 24-70 and E3 / 12-60.  I found the E3 at least as good, if not better, at both S-AF and C-AF, and that based on hours and hours of testing (mostly learning my way round the Nikon's C-AF in search of the stellar performance people kept telling me I ought to get).

Dan wrote:

Hey I've got both these cameras right now so maybe tomorrow afternoon or morning I'll do a little shoot off.

E-3 I got 50-200 SWD and 50 macro...I won't be using the 50's a great little lens but NOT super fast focusing.

D-3 well a pretty large slew of Nikon primes but only a couple AFS lens...the 50f1.4 and a 300f4 it'll be the E-3 with 50-200 SWD at around 150 vs the D3 and 300f4 AFS.

I'll be honest this D3's C-AF convinced me to sell every bit of Olympus gear I had at the time...though I really like Oly gear and pick up bits and pieces as I see nice opportunities. Heck it's C-AF is so good I just leave it in C-AF all the time.

Too bad I don't have a 12-60...somehow that lens and the E-3 I had at the time could focus in near darkness...never quite understood it!? Course the D3 can focus in darkness...literally it's focused on brighter single stars hand held...and it's C-AF laughs at cars, motor cycles, and anything else moving.

It'll also focus the 300f4 with a 2X teleconverter in the middle...something Nikon says it shouldn't be able to on Hummingbirds...quite remarkable actually...the Oly's I've had always struggled with Hummingbirds.

Oh well, hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow and will pass along "informal" testing and my thoughts.


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