Will there be a EOS M Successor?

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Re: Will there be a EOS M Successor?

XeroJay wrote:

I'm willing to bet there will be a continuation of the EOS-M, and I'll bet dpreview is already well aware of it... After all, why would they have given the M it's own forum if they thought it was just a single, one-off camera that was about to be discontinued?

They started this separated forum shortly after the M came to msrked, so theynorobably thought that the camera will be some kind of success. Unfortunately for Cannon the M is not a big selling success.

Will this mean there is no successor comming? I think there has to be comming one and I hope it will have a better impact then the first M.

Personaly I think that Canon was not 100% behind the M when they launched it. When you look at it, it is a bit boring. No real features that stands out in the crowd. All other mirrorless cameras have some key selling features, not so the M. It is a Rebel without mirror, good quality, but not much more then that.

I hope Canon do better with their next attempt, I'm sure that will come.

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