Hello, I'm coming into the D800 fold. My 1st full-frame DSLR! So excited!

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Re: Welcome!

Grevture wrote:

You will have much fun with the D800. It is a surprisingly user friendly and nice camera for casual everyday use, and also a immensely rewarding camera when you shoot carefully and deliberately.

I shot with a S5 Pro for a couple of months back when it was new, really liked it for skin tones and portrait work. But I am pretty sure the D800 will feel like a proper upgrade, in so many ways - viewfinder, screen, overall speed, autofocus and then those gorgeous raw files who can take a massive amount of abuse in post without falling apart.

Yeah, I definitely think you will have fun

Hello Grevture,
Thank you for the welcome!
I think I will have fun with the D800, too, unless I get a lemon with the left focus point trouble.  Hopefully not.  I'm pretty sure this camera, it being full-frame, and 36 MP, will satisfy me forever.   For a very, very, very long time, at least.
Oh, great.  I'm glad you did have a go at the S5 Pro.  Yes, I do love it.  I will definitely use it as a second body with my D800.  I don't like swapping lenses, due to speed issues/grabbing the shot during weddings.  Now I will have a proper backup/2nd camera, and not have to worry about film scanning, and added cost.  But then again, my oh my, these D800 file are HUGE!  I'm going to have to spend money on drives for storage and backup.  People say digital is free shootin'.  Ha!  There is some cost to it.

I really do hope the dynamic range of the D800 will blow me away.  I've seen some examples of how much can be pull from the shadow, and it does amaze me.  I hope I get used to its work flow, and that my computer can handle processing it not too slowly.
Thank you, again, for the welcome and conversation.
Take care,

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