A3000 vs NEX7

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A3000 vs NEX7

Here are a few shots from this afternoon with my brand new A3000 and my two year old NEX7. Both with the 18-55 mm lens they came with.

The NEX7 pictures are a bit better, particularly as you zoom in. But the NEX7 costs three times as much. Sometimes when one does image comparisons for cameras, it gets a bit tedious: sometimes one camera looks better, but then on a different picture the other camera looks better. But for the fifty pictures I shot today, the NEX7 was always a bit better. Nonetheless, the A3000 does a good job. The difference is not that big. (Next task for a different day will be to swap lenses as see if the difference holds up)

I don't use my NEX7 much since I got my Sony A65. So I saw the A3000 as a good body that I could put my Tamron 18-200 zoom on and then give to my daughter. It is truly awful watching her trying to hold my A65 in her little hands. The A3000 will fit her much better. I did a few shots with the Tamron on the A3000 and it worked fine.

I found the EVF perfectly usable. Not great, but not annoying either. (The EVF in my Canon SX40 superzoom I find annoying for instance. That one is known for being poor) In sunlight, the visibility of the back display was poor for both the NEX7 and A3000. (By the way, the Canon SX40 display visibility in direct sunlight is very good)

I found the A3000 AF fast and reliable. Similar to the NEX7. Slower than my A65. The A3000 EVF was better than the NEX7 in that after taking a shot, the A3000 returned to a live image noticeably faster than the NEX7. The long black out period on the NEX7 EVF has always been annoying.

The A3000 is a nice camera. Feels really good in the hand. A lot more pleasant to hold than the NEX7. With the NEX7 I frequently find my fingers all curled up and my knuckles rubbing on the lens, although with some conscious effort to properly put my thumb on the thumbrest, so the camera sits higher in my hand, my fingers are clear from the lens.

When I was at Best Buy getting this camera, I also looked at the Canon SL1000, billed as the worlds smallest DSLR. It cost a couple of hundred more and was quite a bit bigger. I think the A3000 is the more appealing choice. The A3000 has a kind of an Apple iPhone simplicity to it. Very clean and inviting to use. The SL1000 looked like a bit of a train wreck. (not to say that there is anything wrong with that)

So here are the pictures. Both were resized in IrfanView by 80% so the A65 ones would upload onto dpreview.  Oh and look at the EXIF data: the A3000 doesn't know it is an A3000 --- it thinks it is an ILCE-3000.

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