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On full-frame camera's I can get by with a moderately expensive Canon 6D + light EF primes that are pretty good for the money.  But yes I still do not find myself using it too much disproportionate to the price, but I do plan on using it plenty for some future in-door baby pictures and house parties, etc.

I think MFT camera's are still nice but have some faults...particularly that both Olympus and Panasonic can be shutter shock type camera's and require the double mechanical shutter release actuation because none of them really do electronic first curtain shutter by default (and man are these leaf shutter type on premium CSCs wonderful in both sound, lack of vibration, and flash x-sync).  This tends to interact in negative ways with the OIS or IBIS mechanisms.  I swear I have 1/4k images where somehow one image has micro blur compared to the other or different regions of softness, etc.  This is what I love about my more unexplained images of softness.  Having great FPS is nice...but not so nice to *have* to shoot 2x-3x the exposures and spend time afterwards weeding out the 'weaker' shots.  My XZ-1 doesn't shoot crazy FPS, but I find absolutely no differences between exposures except for minor handheld variations of panning and tilt, etc.  No random 'soft' zones or exposures, etc.  No flaky IBIS.  Only the most expensive and most recent MFT camera's have the more reliable IBIS.

Panasonic CDAF is a bit better than Oly CDAF although both are good...jury is out on how good Oly's EM-1 PDAF hybrid CAF tracking works but preliminary accounts only say that its 'ok'.  Unfortunately many APS-C camera's are much better than ok at FPS and CAF at that price range.

Also unfortunate that obviously camera companies will never couple FF sensors with outstanding FPS and AF without huge premiums.  We can see moderately priced FF camera's with poor AF/FPS combinations, or moderately priced APS-C camera's with good AF/FPS...put the two together however and you take away any special traits for their 'flagship' sport cameras.

I agree with your stance with many other camera's but as always you can always find particular strengths for using other cameras.  Having a E-PM2 + a good copy of the 45mm 1.8 is not a bad idea and you still get pretty darn good portability factor even if you have to carry both the E-PM2 + XZ-1 (and they share accessories).  It's good that you like the Sony RX100 lenses...and obviously the RX1 lens is good too...but I have no idea what is going on with most NEX lenses.  Again the most recent DxoMark finding shows the NEX's UWA angle is not as sharp or consistent as the Canon M mount UWA...despite being shot on a 24MP sensor vs 18MP!

DxOMark still has some purposes in some test results if you don't put too much weight on their 'overall' scores or remember that there is sample variation among lenses, etc.  On sensor scores remember that a big part of the scores are based on 'Noise' and the definition of noise is an engineering/mathematical one of standard deviations of average signal, etc.  But remember that the perception of noise is *subjective*.  In engineering terms the signal to noise ratio of any lossy audio compression algorithms is typically extremely poor on paper, but subjectively acceptable because its perceptually encoded.  Like wise some types of noise on images are more acceptable than others.  In addition there is an interplay between noise on an image and sharpness/details from lenses.  If you have a lens giving you mushy details, you tend to focus on noise more.  If you have a tack sharp image full of details, it tends to mask noise.

My Olympus XZ-1 I picked up recently at Fry's for $160 and absolutely love it for the price.  I see Panasonic LX7's are dropping significantly in price recently as well...Sony RX100's have kept their premium and rarely ever get sold second hand either, etc (even the mII announcement only caused a slight rise in resales and none of which were really 'bargains').

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