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Promit wrote:

Coming from a long-time m4/3 owner:

Depends on your needs and wants, but I find the E-M1 a really difficult sell. Maybe if you've got a lot of money in 4/3 and m4/3 lenses, and you need PDAF, and you need a small camera. $1400 body, $2200 kit is a steep, steep price and it puts the E-M5 in competition with the top of the line APS-C cameras and even the bottom of the full framers.

As an E-M5 user (and owner of E-PM1, E-510 and E-620), I have to agree. I see this as part of an unsettling habit of Olympus pricing their upper tier cameras at a premium compared to their actual market placement.

This started with the $1700 E-5, continued with the $1000 E-P5 that requires an additional $270 for a viewfinder, and now the $1400 E-M1, an E-M5 upgrade with a grip. An awful lot of money for having a smaller body and lens system.

I can see no justification for pricing the E-M1 higher than the 24MP APS-C sensored weathersealed D7100 selling for $1200. The APS-C sensored weathersealed K5-II at $750 or K-50 at $625 make the price seem even sillier.

The E-P5 has been a slow seller, we'll see how the E-M1 fares after the initial bubble of interest passes.

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