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Test comparisons

Thanks for that "heads up" Jerry. I think Cameralabs reviews are very good, and most importantly for camera buyers, they are timely, unlike other some other review sites. I only wish they would do proper resolution testing, which IMHO is the only objective way to be able to say model A can capture more detail than model B. It's not expensive to do, and Jimmy (JC Brown) has made his innovative resolution charts freely available so anyone can use them.

Outdoor tests are always fraught with difficulties, and that is evident to some exent in those shots of the church (http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Panasonic_Lumix_DMC_LF1/outdoor_resolution.shtml ). Even though the shots were taken "minutes apart", the sun had moved slightly so that in the door crops the vertical shadow was at significantly different positions at the LHS of the doorway. Similarly, the wind vane had moved its position.

While the 100% crops as presented do appear to show the ZS25 being significantly poorer in IQ, I think that is a somewhat false impression. The exposure for the ZS25 image seems to have been higher than for the other two models (the EXIF details are not given), and the ZS25 JPG seems to have somewhat less in-camera sharpening.

I compared the crops after resizing them all to the same size and applying slight sharpening and levels adjustment to the ZS25 image. The results are shown below (LF1 at left, LX7 middle, ZS25 at right):

I think the above comparisons demonstrate that for practical purposes (bearing in mind they are 100% crops), the IQ and amount of detail captured are fairly similar for all three models.

It is also necessary to take into account that the focal length used for the tests, while not actually stated, must have been 90mm (equiv) or less, since that is the maximum FL of the LX7. For the ZS25, that represents quite a low zoom setting in its 24-480mm range. At 480mm there is no question that the ZS25 would capture vastly more detail than the LX7 or the LF1 at their max zoom settings and enlarged to match. In other words it's not really comparing "apples with apples".


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