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Ron_43 wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Jerry045 wrote:

Oh no....

Would it be worth trying to disassemble the camera (per Graham Houghton's videos) and attempt to fix the problem? At this point you don't have much to lose.

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Normally the lens itself is considered off-limits, but Graham Houghton does have a YouTube lens disassembly video.

It would be really good to hear what that is hanging down!

I got a ZS25 when my ZS19 packed in, and it seems just as good - and in shooting around home with an LX7 & a Canon S-100, both of which I bought just to satisfy my curiousity - I really didn't see any significant IQ difference. Maybe for dedicated 'pixil-peepers', but I still prefer the size & versatility of the ZS, and in your situation I - myself - would go with the ZS25.

Size-wise, the Canon S-100 with Clearviewer is great, if you don't really use the longer zooms - so IMHO the LF-1 would be a good choice, too.

And then there is the old Canon TX-1 which Cyril Catt likes so much - I finally decided to buy one, also. 7.1 Megapixil, 10x zoom - but the "1.9x Digital Tele-Converter" works a TREAT! It is actually sharper at approximately 20x, than my ZS19 was at optical 20x zoom - go figure! PLUS it can be set to "Super Macro" where it will focus right down until the subject is touching the lens.

Check it out on Steve's-Digicams - a good writeup. I got a used one which looks & acts new, for a reasonable price. A nice little 3.5", x 2.3 + a 3mm bump amidships, x 1.3" block of stainless steel.

The TX-1 is a bit fiddly to get used to and a Clearviewer won't fit it's little 1-1/8" X almost 1-1/2" swivelling LCD screen, although Cyril has modified a slide viewer to do the job pretty well.

Thanks Erik. I do value your input and like to follow your posts on here and your Flick site. I think I'll settle on the ZS25 as I do like the Panasonic colors. I will eventually take the SZ19 apart and see what the problem is. I do have an inquisitive mind and have worked on a lot of electronics including desktop and main frame computers, but not cameras. It will be interesting.



I don't think you will regret that.

I mostly mentioned the TX1 as an example of the range available to the 'adventurist'.

I do prefer the slide on-off & 'review' switches on the ZS19 but I've only experienced accidental turn-on once, and that was in 'review' mode, so the lens didn't attempt to deploy - which is my fear. The position on the top, of the camera on-off is much less likely to be activated in a pocket.

This "lens-in-pocket" fear is why I started Digital wit folded-optics cameras - Minolta Xi & later X-50. My first pocket panny was the TZ1 in which, when it was turned on, the lens twitched but never stuck out beyond it's solid protective bezel until one actually zoomed it - it also had a real lenscap which I regard as a plus, but we do hear bitter comments on that from LX* users!

Good luck in your quest!!

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