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My findings

Despite the 16MP Exmor with a *significantly* larger 1.5x crop sensor, it is obvious the Sony lens is nowhere near as excellent as its sensor. The DOF for the wide angle should be pretty deep for both camera's and you can see the XZ-1 can do infinity to the grass towards the bottom of the frame sharp. The Sony 18-55 can not do this and it is not explained by thinner DOF...feel free to punch in numbers into a DOF calculator the DOF difference is not huge. On the tele shot (which again the XZ-1 does better again), I punched in numbers into the DOF calculator and the NEX should have approximately 15.5 ft of DOF compared to the XZ-1's 18 feet or so. Not a *huge* difference in DOF, yet again look at the grass and midframe to border performance...the XZ-1 looks sharp and the Sony looks like it has thinner DOF...but this is not *true* is only that the Sony can only be sharp in a rather small central zone of the image...the *only* area that the larger, heavier, more expensive and much louder shutter camera can be seen to have an advantage (besides shadow detail). However I can't say I care that the shadow detail on the 16MP Exmor is that much more impressive when so much more of the image is *mushy*.

Look at the tropical plants on the wide angle shot in the back or near infinity elements...the XZ-1 is just doing superbly for what is an underdog camera that is poo poo'd on via DxOMark sensor scores.

Yes buying a shooting a NEX to shoot only their kit lens is pretty pointless, but unfortunately I feel Sony lens standards are still lower than other brands as complaints of border sharpness and uniformity are rather common. They do have some gems in the line-up, but overall I think its rather weak...and carrying premium CSCs like the XZ-1, LX7, or RX100's definitely make a ton of sense if a standard zoom is what you want to shoot!

*ugh*, I re-installed Lightroom and just realized my default export settings have terrible jpeg the mushy jpegs are smearing the results of the XZ-1, etc...

Anyhow I can re-upload later if anyone is interested.

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