a rip off!!!

Started Sep 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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DavidH202 wrote:

I wasn't that way a few years ago, most items were legitimately "discounted".
They are now taking advantage of their previous reputation because people are taking it for granted they are "cheaper". Wal Mart does the same thing.

This is totally beside the fact that just about all electronics and photo gear is price fixed at just about every retailer these days.

buyer beware! The general public out there is so blind as to the games the retailers are playing and getting away with it isn't funny!

If you've been around Amazon that long then you are probably aware that if any seller had a couple early copies of the production E-M1 they would be selling it at a $200 premium or more and would call that price the MSRP .... The price is what the seller says it is! The buyer can take it, negotiate, or walk away....  Why get up tight?  It's always worked that way.

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