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GeraldW wrote:

CameraLLabs compared the ZS25, LX7 and LF1. On image quality, the LX7 won, LF1 second by a fair margin, and the ZS25 was last. It's worth reading. My thought is that the default settings on the LF1 are soft, so it needs more sharpening. iResolution seems to be the only choice for that for internal settings. I down loaded and PP'd some lF1 shots and they look a lot better with a little sharpening.

I own the G15, and like it a lot. Very sharp, and excellent noise control at high ISO. It's surprisingly good feeling in the hands and smaller than you'd think. It fits in a shirt pocket; although it's a bit heavy for that. Best in a trouser pocket or a jacket pocket.

I also took a hard look at the P7800. It seems to have everything; but it's a good bit larger, and heavier. The published figures look light to me, so I'm estimating that with a lens cap and filter, and neck strap, it's probably going to weigh in at 16-17 oz. It has the articulated LCD, high resolution EVF, hot shoe, and the lens is threaded for 40.5 mm filters. The only real question is whether it inherited the sluggishness of the P7700. If it did, it will take great JPEGs; but video and RAW will be a frustration. If it's speedy, however, it could be a real winner.

Since I already have the G15; the LF1 is the best fit in my system and would replace my S90 and SX230HS. It would play well with the G15 and FZ200.

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