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I've never been able to work out the difference. I think its an in-camera crop, but to me, I can't see the difference between the camera doing a crop and you doing a crop, which is the same as digital zooming. I have run comparisons between the different forms of zooms on this camera and I can see no difference between the results. I tend to use the so called "extra optical zoom" as it gives a degree of control over your zooming. By that I mean once you switch on the izoom, or digital zoom, it becomes very hard to control the degree of zoom using the zoom lever. You find that the zoom will sweep through a large range with the smallest movement of that lever. With the extra optical zoom, a change in the file size will result in a set zoom value. eg 8mp will give you 29.4X, 5mp will give you 37.5x. You can still zoom out further if you wish, by using the izoom, or digital zoom, but the picture will start to deteriorate pretty badly by then.

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Panasonic FZ200

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