Been away for a while, now I remember why.

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Re: You never gave any tips..

Richard wrote:

Kendunn wrote:

Richard wrote:

To complain about the people who come here and complain about your wife. Did you offer any tips for better photos, show us any of your photos, give us any updates on hardware or test, debate about anything worthwhile? No you came here to complain, just like everyone you complain about then leave. You are a good the best example of the problems here. You are the problem you complain about. Maybe better you don't come back for another year, all do is drop in to complain about complaines

Kendunn wrote:

Haven't been around DPreview much lately, checked in every now and again to look something up or to pass a few minutes, but not in the forums much at all over the past year. I needed to dig into something and started scanning through them again and now I remember why I left. Gawd people if I wanted to hear this much moaning and complaining I would just go ask my wife how her day went.

Why is it still everyone is po'ed about video on still cameras? It's a natural progression. Geeezzzz its not like they put an mp3 player, gps, or camera on your phone or anything. And people are still going back and forth about sensor size. I thought we put that to rest in the early 90's when Velvia came out and the medium format people swore 4x5 was now useless while the 35mm people were saying the same thing about medium format.

Don't even get me started on DOF or what a train wreck the D600 is. No artist needs or should get bogged down into this negativity. Its not good for the creative juices. We have 2 full frame cameras that are amazing under $2k now, great m4/3 and other smaller mounts that are super easy to carry and take pictures that are stunning. Pick a flavor, any flavor and shot something. You can get something fantastic with just a little effort on your part and pretty much any offering out there right now.

See you guys again in a year or so.

Did I offer you any tips?

No. I also said tips about getting better photos, showing us your photos or giving us any updates on HW or tests., No there is nothing worthwhile to pass on to anyone.

Yes, yes I did and a very good you that you obviously missed.

Everyone missed those tips because they are not there.

I told you to stop chasing the pot of gold and enjoy the rainbow.

Really? I did a text search for "stop chasing the pot of gold and enjoy the rainbow." and found nothing then I tried to extract that lesson from your huge negative post. The only good tip you had was "No artist needs or should get bogged down into this negativity." Why don't you follow your own advise and not be so negative about this site or the people here.

When I teach photography that is what I tell the students.

Well you didn't tell us that. Are you as negative towards your students as you are to the DPR community? Didn't think so.

Don't get caught in the N vs C or the megapixels marketing.

No where did you mention this in your post either. Are we suppose to read your minds?

Einstein stated that creativity was much more important than knowledge.

Did Einstein come to DPR and tell everyone he now remembers why he does not come here? I would say following your own advise would be best and not being negative yourself would be the lesson learned here. If you really dislike the people here so much and are just as negative as they are perhaps this is where you belong, or you are part of the negativity problem.

Someone isn't able to photograph the forest for the trees

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