anyone else deeply disturbed by this example from Sony?

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Re: anyone else deeply disturbed by this example from Sony?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Two questions:
1- What do you think is the point of wearing mascara?

I think your example is disanalogous, unless you know someone that uses mascara to paint the white of their eyes.  I think a better example would be to say, "this is the same thing as wearing silver dollar sized color contact lenses," which would also be creepy.

2- Do you believe software based processing of dacial features, skin tones, body forms etc wasn't discoveref until this resture in RX00?

Of course not.  I am new to photography, so I just haven't seen this kind of PP used to make people look like anime.  I suspect that if we could zoom out and see her whole body she would also have really, really long skinny legs, huge feet, a skinny waist, and huge...well, anyway, she would probably be holding a sword that weighs three times as much as her.  Then, I haven't ever seen it used as an example of making someone more beautiful.

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