Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

I've decided to test the R5 despite its somewhat bad and mixed reputation. Basically because the image quality with a good copy of it should be pretty good and the later in the R-series was no better as more NR crept in and also slower AF as the PD AF was removed from the R6 plus the problem with the zoom on the R6/R7 sooner or later getting stuck permanently due to a flaw in the design.

The RDC-6000 has also caught my interest as it is one of the last Ricoh which can be used with a real IR remote control instead of that tethered control for the GRD and probably GX100 as well.

Like some of these non Ricoh-produced RR-models which followed, the RDC-6000 looks much as a toycamera but that can be a strength as no one are going to take it seriously.

The ccd is only a 1/2" 2mp with a fixed non protruding 40mm lens. But the image quality is surprisingly good compared to the older RDC-5000 which uses a similar ccd though probably not quite the same. The RDC-5000 have problem with artifacts while the 6000 have quite grainlike noise and at least iso 200 should be useful.

RDC-6000 sample images

RDC-5000 sample images

I would have preferred to go with the RDC-5000 but since the image quality is somewhat ruined by the artifacts and less nice looking noise I opted for the RDC-6000 anyway.

Thinking that the RDC-5000 maybe could have been somewhat faster in use than the 6000 despite being older but I have not managed to find info in reviews about that unlike the newer 6000.

The 5000 was reviewed there as well though without mention the shutter release lag and AF lag etc as well as in other reviews of it. But as said, the image quality which is quite mixed held me off at least for now.

(And after that the GX100 bumped against the bottom of artifacts again which I got quite enough of fairly soon..)

The 6000 is rather slow with a startup of 12 secs and slow AF as well. But that won't be much of a problem as long as it can lock focus in indoors in light which not always is going to be optimal.

I was positively surprised to find out that this very simple and inexpensive looking camera have Aperture priority while it is not available on the older but more advanced/expensive looking Rdc-5000 and the 5300.

One other con except for the slow operation is that the camera as the two previous uses Smart Media cards for storage, but that should not be much of a problem as long as the camera can format these properly.

Oh, and I almost forgot that this not protruding lens looks like a quite dust-proof design unlikeĀ  many other Ricohs Myabe it is reasonably silent as well if luck is on my side.

I buy it mostly because I want a Ricoh with a real IR remote control which I can use at parties etc. The Contax TVS Digital with its IR remote has been very useful for that purpose and is still going strong. Just bought a new battery for the RC not very long ago.

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