Getting old 8mm tapes to computer

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Re: Getting old 8mm tapes to computer

The only video conversion I have worked with is Hi8 and VHS.

With Hi8, I needed a camcorder that had a "pass through" feature.  I also needed a firewire connection between the camera and the computer.

Add capture software and it worked well for me.

The pass through feature allows you to connect the original camera, in my case a Hi8 camera, to another camera with pass through and a firewire connection.  I believe my pass through camera is a miniDV camera.  Have not done this in a while.

For VHS capture, I just connected my VHS player to the pass through camera and sent the signal out via firewire.

I'm been asked by a friend to convert a VHS tape to DVD so I will have to drag everything out again and convert.  A couple of my conversions from VHS did not work.


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