Which to Buy Nex F3 vs Nex 5N

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Re: Which to Buy Nex F3 vs Nex 5N

Jeff Linder wrote:

I bought the 5N when it was first released. I love it!

If you can afford the extra $$$ for the 5N, I would strongly recommend it.

The features I believe make the 5N worth the difference in price:

1) ISO 100 vs. 200, and 25600 vs. 16000 (with better noise control at higher limits)
2) Touch screen vs. none
3) Continuous focus in still and video modes vs. none
4) RARELY need a flash; FLV20 is MUCH better (when needed) than built-in flash
5) More compact dimensions (probably trivial difference, in reality)
6) Faster continuous burst mode (10 vs. 2.5) for action shots

Features on the NEX-F3 that are nice, but I don't think are worth paying extra for:
1) Built-in flash
2) Estimated 10 extra shots per battery life
3) Auto Portrait feature
4) Flip-up screen for self-portrait
5) 2X digital zoom with indiscernable loss of quality (really?!)

The F3 is definitely an upgrade from the C3, and worth the price difference. But it's still not on par with the 5N.

There are actually a lot of web reviews that compare and contrast the F3 and 5N - I strongly suggest you do a Google search and read 'em for yourself.

BUT (as mentioned previously) - which model feels most natural in your hand should weigh heavily in your decision.

I doubt you would regret owning either one - they'll both turn out incredible pictures!

...just my $0.02 worth...

The bursts on an F3 can vary from 4 to just under 20 - 4 for raw+jpg, then it bogs down with SD write, and close to 20 - 17 is typical count with fine jpeg and a class 10+ SD card.. I just got some sony 32Gb SD from microcenter for 18.99 that do just under 25MB/s Write..  That spec seems kinda ~funny~, since tha cams claiming 5/sec continuous would need 80MB/s with RAW, and 20 with JPEG only.. I suspect it comes from the available RAM in the camera..   That's on a MF lens or an E-lens with the comps turned off BTW..

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