Rumors... for what it's worth

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Re: Rumors... for what it's worth seems like

Hello again

Seems like older lenses with faster F stops and a new "art cover" at a higher price.  That 's ok, all my lenses are still doing fine and I'm not in the market for any new lenses for a long while.  Plus I still have a few Pentax lenses in the locker and I have a great repair guy.  I think I have enough gear to last me, ...... oh 40 years.  I won't pay the new higher prices not from any company.  I just don't need that much gear any longer.

What I'd like to see is some weather sealed lenses for the SD1 body. What goods a weather sealed body if you don't have the lenses and flashes to go with it.

Where is the new cameras? The SD1m-s  The SD2m  SD3m  The DP4   DP5 ?

Have fun

Roger J.

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