anyone else deeply disturbed by this example from Sony?

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Compared to Portrait P ads this is understated.

bigwigthebig wrote:

I was on Sony's website today and saw this example of the types of things that the RX100 can do with it's beauty effects and think that the alien appearance of the picture on the right may haunt my dreams for quite some time. This is the best that they can do? I'm going to buy this camera just so that I can make everyone's irises twice the normal size.

Disturbed? Not at all. The Portrait Pro ads featuring the girl with a face covered in blemishes etc and then revised to the consistency of percale is far more annoying and quite a bit more invasive and unrealistically fake looking than this. It is interesting that the after face has been zooming into a bit compared to the original. If they were not side by side or were printed as 9 x 12s and laying adjacent on a table I'd imagine most clients would choose the revised version but as was mentioned, it is really hard to tell at this size.

The "as hot as that" comment is laughable. Pleasant enough as a girl next door type but hardly justifying "as hot as that".

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