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Re: For the most part, agreed.

Messier Object wrote:

. . .. Olympus produced an E7 prototype, which means they had a plan to continue the E series.

. . . There is the simple fact that Olympus has, since the advent of m4/3 indicated that eventually the E seried would be discontinued.

So they had a plan to continue, and also from the start of m4/3 they had a plan not to

. . . people who don't seem to grasp how a company goes about deciding how to develop and market a camera.

obviously they have multiple (and conflicting) plans and from time to time they do "Comparison testing by pro and enthusiast users" to see which one is most popular at various times

You are correct Charles, I can't grasp this

Then you can't grasp something that is a common practice in all manufacturing and service business circles. Have you never seen "concept cars" that look great, but never go into production. Have you ever participated in a product test of something that never actually goes to market. For that matter, fast food restaurants often have foods they try out in limited markets, but never distribute company wide.I used to do alpha and beta testing of computer games. The amount of "vaporware" (games that never go live) outnumbers the amount of games that do go live.

This sort of thing goes on all the time. It is certainly aggravated by how Olympus has announced certain things (or failed to announce) amidst their financial troubles. But I am wondering why it is a few people on this forum just simply are unable to grasp that Olympus has limited funds, a shrinking presence in the market, and so is facing "clutch time". Which, for a business, means abandoning plans that don't meet a certain projected profit threshold.

Conflicting plans? Only in the simplistic view that companies follow only a single business plan with no contingencies. Of course, I did not say that Olympus planned to discontinue the E series from the outset. What I said was that the EM1 was probably a concept at the time they adopted 4/3 format. Meaning that they could, and should, and have, and been smart to, modified their plans as sales have increased or decreased.

If a business, dealing with a loss of revenue and market share, changing plans is something beyond your grasp, take heart: it's not beyond the grasp of Olympus (or any other camera manufacturer-note the withdrawal of the EOS-M from the US market). Nor is it beyond the grasp of the many photographers on this forum who understand how businesses work, and that Olympus isn't a charity that is supposed to put out a camera model to appease a small-and shrinking-group of customers just because they will complain if it doesn't happen.

That is the cold, heartless truth of it all: it's about profits, not about whether 1 out of 50 Olympus owners gets the camera they want. As someone else pointed out: would we rather have no Olympus consumer imaging division at all?

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